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Commit 99100bb9 authored by Marcel Hellkamp's avatar Marcel Hellkamp
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Allow to put_file() by name/path. Also add type detection by default.

parent 60408e18
......@@ -280,11 +280,30 @@ class CDStar:
def put_file(self, vault, archive, name, source, type=None) -> JsonObject:
def put_file(self, vault, archive, name, source, type=None, replace=True) -> JsonObject:
""" Create or replace a single file on an existing archive.
If the file exists remotely and `replace=True` is set (default), the file content is overridden but everything
else (metadata, type, file id) stays the same. If `replace` is `False` then a file name conflict is an error.
:param vault: Vault name
:param archive: Archive ID
:param name: Target file name. May start with `/` (optional) but must not end with `/`.
:param source: Readable file, byte buffer or iterator, or a file path that will then be opened in 'rb' mode.
:param type: Mime-type to set on the uploaded file. (default: guess based on filename)
:param replace: If the remote file already exists, replace its content. (default: True)
if isinstance(source, PATH_TYPES):
raise ValueError("Source must be a file-like object, byte string or iterator yielding byte strings.")
return"PUT", vault, archive, _fix_filename(name), data=source,
headers={'Content-Type': type or "application/x-autodetect"})
with open(source, 'rb') as source:
return self.put_file(vault, archive, name, source, type=None, replace=True)
headers = {'Content-Type': type or "application/x-autodetect"}
if not replace:
headers['If-None-Match'] = "*"
return"PUT", vault, archive, _fix_filename(name), data=source, headers=headers)
def get_file(self, vault, archive, name, offset=0) -> FileDownload:
""" Request a file and return a stream-able :class:`FileDownload`.
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