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Revert NIO caching change and use soft references again.

A single user can grow the cache very fast (e.g. by rapitdy modifying a
large archive without using transactions). We could purge old revisions on
commit to counter exactly this scenario, or just use soft references again
to prevent OOM situations. Time based eviction is not sufficient. We do
that anyway to free memory even if memory pressure is not high enough to
cause soft reference collection.
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......@@ -97,11 +97,10 @@ public class NioPool implements StoragePool {
private void rebuildCache() {
indexCache = Caffeine.newBuilder()
// TODO: Make this configurable
.softValues() // prevent OOM
// Allow GC to shrink the heap during idle hours.
.expireAfterAccess(60, TimeUnit.SECONDS)
.recordStats() // This has a (small) performance impact
......@@ -364,6 +363,7 @@ public class NioPool implements StoragePool {
private final long cacheSize;
public PoolStats() {
cacheStats = indexCache.stats();
cacheSize = indexCache.estimatedSize();
try {
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