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Make DomainAuthorizer a discoverable Plugin

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......@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ import de.gwdg.cdstar.auth.StringPermission;
import de.gwdg.cdstar.auth.simple.QName;
import de.gwdg.cdstar.runtime.Config;
import de.gwdg.cdstar.runtime.ConfigException;
import de.gwdg.cdstar.runtime.Plugin;
* An {@link Authorizer} and {@link GroupResolver} that grants statically
......@@ -22,6 +23,7 @@ import de.gwdg.cdstar.runtime.ConfigException;
* of a realm domain. It is designed to authorize principals from other realms,
* for example LDAP.
public class DomainAuthorizer implements Authorizer, GroupResolver {
private static final Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(DomainAuthorizer.class);
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