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Commit d7d57bb6 authored by bnachtw's avatar bnachtw
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corrected recording of cmd line for each childlog file

parent 279276ab
......@@ -751,10 +751,8 @@ sub fork_backup_threads
$dir =~ s{\$}{\\\$}g;
# backup commandline
$command = "\"$dsmcbin\" i \"$dir\" -optfile=\"$optfile\" -su=$switcher > $log_filename 2>&1";
$command = "\"$dsmcbin\" i \"$dir\" -optfile=\"$optfile\" -su=$switcher >> $log_filename 2>&1";
# record commandline in childlogfile
open $CHILDLOGFILE, ">", $log_filename;
printf $CHILDLOGFILE "CMD: >>%s<<\n\n", $command;
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